Fidget Cube Ruoyu said here to eat, she thought we would eat a meal here, who knows so fast to go, that breakfast how to do Back to see the opposite side of the table put a basket of fine snacks, staring at her for a long time, the side of a few perceptions of the prostitutes hurried to mention to her, Xuanji contented, back to them very friendly smile, waved, bid farewell Liu Yiyu out of the door, and hooked Yushi Feng s neck, smiled and whispered This thing did not wink, that the deep sea pearl is a Need it Although the most not missing from the Ze Palace Pearl fidget cube pearl, but that Need for them Is also a waste, I help you steal it back Yu Si Feng Road No, but you this problem, but also when the change Said half of the do not say, Liu Yi Huan exposed wretched smile, frivolous in his face to a pinch, smiled and said Little Phoenix is for me to worry Not seen for so many years, small powder into a large group, Heart down a little changed, a good na Yu Si feng pushed his hands, too lazy fidget cube lightseagreen to care about him with such a rogue Behind a few people kno.ords, the double Since the Tai Shizu so accountable, the head of future generations will only be sealed in the swords in the swords rooftop in To the decrepit of this generation, the disciples do not know broken gold collapse of the jade thing I see the sword fidget cube springgreen of the disciples are not allowed to use It Liangbian Jian Feng in the rooftop of the pity, and send no one can use, they will simply take advantage of the Chu head when the double hi woman, gave himThink of it, so many years no one can use the collapse of jade , Actually in the hands of the hands of life over Taishu Jiuquan under the spirit, but also when the rest in peace People have praise, and now I just know that the collapse of Jade actually have such a backing, but I do not know when the sunset on the rooftop of the artifact, what is it, is it really falling god of the weapons They Cultivation who, the fidget cube goal of life is Cultivation, but as to how the gods look like, who do not know, no one has seen Who would like to really have a miracle in the world, it is filled with.

ow why We should hasten to save Linglong back Chu Lei face livid, do not speak Side of the Valley to the main sighed Miss Chu is sad over the issue of the sea cable may not be linked with your sister missing, not to mention we really do not know Deceptive Xuanji determined to look at him Whispered You know, but do not want to say Yung Guzhu was such a fork Suddenly some silent Xuanji, do not nonsense Chu Lei Chen Sheng denounced, he looks energetic heart, exclaimed If Delicate is a blessing of the people, should be saved the day here is also useless to worry about you are injured Xuanji quietly looked at him, turned to go, suddenly listening to the bench next to the man moaning, and slowly opened his eyes, looked fidget cube darkred blankly around, murmured Road, said Thisis fidget cube with 10 color schemes this Zhong Minyan saw the man woke up, and hurried over in the past, Ouyang Big Brother, are you okay Here is the floating jade island We have to This will be entrusted to your brother will find This is also the original name Ouyang Xuanji and Yu Si feng hearts are a move, doe.ured the heaviest, the blood on his forehead is still rolling down, hastily ordered his disciples to take medicine, wipe his wounds personally, dressing well Suddenly he was carrying a man behind his back He was a man of about thirty years His eyes were closed and his face was pale The blood had flowed from his body to his chin, and he was unconscious Zhong Minyan pains grimace in pain, reluctantly smiled The brother said to come to the floating jade island to find relatives, I see him frail, not long trek He took over On the road, he took care of us Oh, But the explosions of the blast a red I wonder if he can hold on Everyone more or less injured, here is not a good place to speak Oriental Chingki life disciples with everyone back to the island He also brought some people around the patrol to see if there is no slip through the net Chu Lei they have fidget cube anxiously waited at the gate waiting fidget cube for anxiety to see Xuanji finally come back, though injured, but in life without prejudice Everyone is very pleased Chu Lei wanted to cold faced denounced.or them Voice of a fall, a group of purple to the floating figure will float in, as if there is no weight of the smoke, the ground that purple fox a group, wrapped up They look at the eyes, I saw the beauty of smiling to stand opposite the purple, arms holding a sleeping purple fox Ah fidget cube vancouver You Xuanji see her unharmed, that presumably injured people must be the Secretary for Phoenix them, and immediately urgent You put them how Purple fox touched the arms of the fox, smiled and said not how, but I was taken after the end of yang, leaving the cliff Death did not die, to see their lives myself Xuanji see her look between the smiling, but only when a joke, but my heart, after all, anxious out of the fire, and shaking The Pavilion slave you do not hurt you, you really kill them Purple fox look a positive, cold I am what people, I kill a few mortals and how I was to kill them, how Oh, what is that mask kid Si Feng Died before you have been cried Name Na, really a foolish man Xuanji heart suddenly a pain, as if the internal organs of a gia.

Fidget Cube out the basic necessities of life, there are many around the same age of the brothers Will not feel lonely However, when the dead of night, he will think of himself in this world is lonely, no relatives, no one from the true love of him, take care of him Master Mencius though kind, but in the end separated by a layer of fear, although Shixiong Shixie cordial, but after all, there is the heart of contention He came one, and finally a person to go, think of here, he often felt a deep solitude Although later with the Secretary phoenix Ruoyu these good friends, but the feeling of good friends and brothers is not the same He was seriously injured in the high mountain, completely unable to move when Ouyang big brother appeared He carefully to take care of him and Ruoyu, every day to encourage comfort them, that feeling, both familiar and unfamiliar One day, he finally remembered, the so called brothers, probably is the case Ouyang Big Brother, although not his land big brother, but in his memory, the big brother is the way fidget cube Now all to tear her Clothes hair, big mouth to go bite her fresh flesh and blood In front of the evil spirits have not succeeded, fidget cube kickstarter package photo the back of the evil spirits will have to rush, the previous tidy team suddenly chaos for a group, the evil spirits shrill shouting, fighting for the fresh prey In front of God Yu Yu Lei seems to be found, looked back, the hands of the whip suddenly raised, snapped to look at the dumping over, the moment will be numerous gather in the chaos of the evil spirits pumped into a black ash Minmin see that whip is not long eyes, seeing at any time will be drawn in the purple fox It is artifact, but also so great, purple fox if rubbed on the edge, I m afraid dead also dead He was only anxious whole body cold sweat, bite the bullet, I do not know the should not go out to save, hesitated a moment, next to the Yushi Feng already out of the public, sideways to fidget cube let that huge whip, fell to the ground, Jianguang at hand Flash, forced open around still willing to evil spirits, the other hand has long been restored to the.

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